Strong Little Ladies

*Our Signature Activity*



Little Ladies

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We haven't forgotten about our PRINCES!

Little Lads can always be included in this empowering activity! Call us for more information!

Turn Magical MOMENTS into Magical MEMORIES that will last a lifetime!


We believe that we have such a wonderful opportunity to connect with so many young girls and to make a difference in their lives. We strive to inspire and show young girls that being a Princess is about what’s inside and that there is MAGIC and POWER in being a woman by bringing authentic, talented and caring Princesses to their events.

Strong Little Ladies Activity Includes: 

  • Girl Power Storytime -  Fearless, fun, determined, daring, kind, and confident stories about Princesses in training!     

  • Princess Badge Coloring Activity ~ guests will learn that to be a princess you must be KIND, BRAVE, SMART, STRONG and BEAUTIFUL ON THE INSIDE. Each guest will leave with their very own Badge, that they have colored, certifying them as a Princess!