Planning the Perfect Princess Party

Is your little one princess-obsessed? Your little royal deserves the best on their special day! Give them the royal treatment with these simple party planning tips to ensure their party is full of magical memories that will last a lifetime! Whether you are planning a virtual party through your magic mirrors, or an in-person princess event at your kingdom, following our princess party planning tips will absolutely make your party stand out as the magical event of the year!

Trust us, Princess Parties are our specialty (and we have had a LOT of experience)!

1. Pick the Perfect Theme

Is there one princess your little one cannot stop watching, singing, and talking about? Does she love Elsa from Frozen? Rapunzel? Jojo Siwa?

If so, choosing the theme is simple! Find paper plates, cups, and disposable tablecloths that are within the color theme of their favorite princess story. Many of these items can be found in large packs at your local dollar store, so this is a cost effective way to prep your party space!

You can even add in some birthday sign decorations with the princess’ face on them. If they love ALL princesses, go with an even simpler multi-princess theme! We have found that light pink disposable tablecloths and lots of glitter go a LONG way in setting a princess party tone. Play with streamers and lots of colorful balloons, and make sure you leave enough space to run, jump, and play!

2. Hire a Children’s Entertainer/ Princess Performer-

Let them Handle the Rest!

Here at A Dream is a Wish Parties, we pride ourselves on providing a complete magical party experience. Our princess performers know their roles inside and out and study hard to ensure they embody their characters through and through.

They do not just perform the songs (though they ARE trained singers and actors)- our princesses also lead themed party games, bring princess crafts, stickers, and tattoos, paint faces, make balloon animals, and more! Our performers are specifically trained to keep every party guest interested in their activities as well as to make each child feel special in their interactions.

Hiring a party performer is an easy way to make sure your little one’s party will be a smash hit- an entertaining and magical experience for every child there that they will talk about for years to come!

3. Send Out The Invites!

With these FREE Printable Invites your guests will feel like true Royalty being invited to a Royal Ball!

4. Provide a Simple Craft Activity

There are tons of princess crafts out there, but the most important thing to remember with this one is to try to keep it as cute and as mess-free as possible! Our princesses offer foam picture frames and/or foam tiaras with foam stickers and stick-on gems to decorate with.

We love foam crafts because they allow the kids to express themselves in a simple way, avoid any goopy glue messes and marker stains, and it also encourages the little ones to take a picture at the party to put in the frame and cherish forever!

Here's a FREE Coloring Page that you can print and have ready for any little ones that arrive a little early!

5. Encourage Guests to Dress Up & Be a Part of the


There is nothing like a fancy dress up princess party! This will give all the little princesses, princes, ice queens, jedis, and more to show off their favorite outfits and will automatically add to the magic in the air at your party. Plus- pictures from dress-up parties are priceless! Why save all of the costume fun for Halloween? If you’re worried about princess dresses being too restrictive to have fun at a birthday party- worry no further! We partner with Little Adventures Dress Ups to offer play-safe, stretchy, machine washable princess dresses and accessories that are PERFECT for both pictures and playtime! You will be amazed by the beautiful details on these play gowns. They are the perfect solution for a little prince or princess on the go. Check out our Boutique by clicking here!

{BTW our dresses can be Hand Delivered by our Princess to the Birthday Girl at your party. You can order them before your party and get 10% off your first purchase!}

6. Use What You Have

Want to plan a budget Princess Birthday party? We have the perfect solution!

We know many little princes and princesses have LOTS of princess themed toys, games, books, and more around the house. Use some of these items to decorate the space!

Get creative and use dolls/stuffed animals as table centerpieces, accents to the craft or snack table, or even activities at the party! (We know kids LOVE hot potato, why not pass around a stuffed toy of a character from their favorite princess movie?)

Our favorite way to use what you have has been seeing a princess doll used as an accent for the birthday cake! You can truly use your imagination on this one and dream big- it will save both money and energy during your party preparation.

7. Leave the Decoration to the Little Ones with a DIY Dessert Station

DIY dessert stations are a great way to allow the little ones to get creative! Setting up a cupcake decorating station or ice cream sundae station is a great way to make sure all of your royal guests enjoy their dessert. It doubles as another fun party activity and removes the pressure to make sure you get the right kind of cake for everyone at the party completely. Plus, you can build marshmallow snowmen with pretzel rods, or find other crafty ways to turn dessert into a themed activity, too. We love DIY dessert bars for so many reasons, but mostly because it means more fun for the little royals AND less prep time for the busy kings and queens of the kingdom!

Don't forget, no matter how big or small the party is it's the beautiful memories that your little one will treasure as they grow.

"The best gift you can give a child is a head full of DREAMS and a heart full of MAGIC"

If you have any questions our experienced and passionate party planners are always happy to help!

Email us or give us a call: 516.430.7525

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