Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from other companies?

We have talented performers who go through rigorous training so that they really are the Princess when they arrive at your party! We don't just throw anyone into a costume. We focus on empowering and inspiring every child we meet, it's our core focus as a company and something we take a lot of pride in. When you book a party with us you're not just supporting your little princess's dreams, but our performer's dreams as well! You're helping a young woman pay for college and classes to better her future. You're helping dreams come true! That's something YOU can be proud of. 

How far in advance should I book my party?

If possible we advise 1-3 months prior to your party date! 

What time should the Princesses arrive?

We advise having the Princess(es) arrive about a half hour after the beginning of the party and to leave at least 15 minutes before the guests leave. This way any late comers will not miss the magic and the Princess(es) can leave and return to their kingdom without anyone seeing them!

Do you do Charity Events/Corporate Events?

Yes! Email us for packages and information!

I don't see the character/activity I want on your website.

Always ask us! Sometimes we have added a character or activity but haven't yet added them to the website! We also love growing our team of characters so we may be able to add a character specially for your party!

All of our packages are customizable. We are always open to ideas and suggestions about activities and will work with you to make your party perfect for your little royal!

Are you insured?

Absolutely. We are fully insured and can provide a certificate of liability if requested.