About Us

We don't just bring Princesses, We Inspire Yours

Here at A Dream Is A Wish Parties LLC we believe that the best gift you can give a child is a head full of dreams and a heart full of magic. We believe that we have such a wonderful opportunity to connect with so many young girls and to make a difference in their lives. We strive to inspire and show young girls that being a Princess is about what’s inside and that there is MAGIC and POWER in being a woman by bringing authentic, talented and caring Princesses to their events.

We specialize in Princess visits and focus on making each and every royal that we offer authentic and of a high-quality. Our beautiful gowns, wigs, accessories and shoes are of a theme park quality and create a fairytale experience right in your own living room! Our Princesses speak many different languages {American Sign Language, Spanish, French, etc.} and can lead parties in languages other than English! We offer the highest quality Princesses for the most affordable price on Long Island because we believe that everyone deserves a bit of magic. 


We take pride in hiring only the most incredible young women to portray our beloved royals. Our performers are professionally trained singers, dancers and actors. Our performers are also wonderful role models who are working to follow their dreams and spend countless hours in Princess gowns volunteering to bring smiles to little ones faces who need them the most.

We create magic across Long Island and its surrounding areas. We can't wait for your magical day! 

Our Partners and Clients Include


"Little Girls with Dreams become Women with Vision"

I am receiving a BFA in Musical Theater from Syracuse University and bring my professional theater training into every character I portray. Finding the perfect performers and training them intensively to accurately play each and every character is extremely important to me.

I was the little girl who ran around in a princess dress dreaming of my fairytale ending. I was also the little girl who would create bracelets to sell and play business when I wasn't playing dress-up. If my 8 year old self could see me now she would probably just ask if she could try on all of these dresses... and answer some client phone calls (i'm serious. That was something I always wanted to do!) 


I was the little girl who believed in magic and now I want to create that magic for every little girl who dreams to grow up and be a princess; for every little girl who dreams of running their own business, reaching the stars and following every wish their heart makes. Thank you for making this little girl's dreams come true. I can't wait for all of the magic we will create together!

Michaela Vivona

{Owner, Princess Performer}